One Month Anniversary!!!

I know that it seems like too short an amount of time to be celebrating a marriage, but it's a big deal to me! I really can't believe that it was even a whole month ago that we were sealed! It seems like just yesterday. But then again, so does our very first date (which was almost an entire YEAR ago in a little over a week). The past month has been seriously wonderful, my life is perfect. Correction: OUR life is perfect.

The month in retrospect...

We were sealed in the afternoon one month ago in the Mesa Arizona Temple, our amazing reception followed. Thank you friends and family for making it so great!

We went on a week-long honeymoon in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, where we were finally able to take a break from all the stress that finals and all the wedding planning brought.

Stu doing a little reading on the beach..


As fabulous as it was to get away from everything and be on the beach with the love of my life, it was even nicer to get back to the place where we now call HOME. I love having a place that is OURS. It's not a house or anything, just a little apartment right on Val Vista, but it's perfect for us. Stu started working with his brothers the week after we got home, he loves it. It's great for him to be doing what he wants to do finally. We didn't have to start school until the 20th (thank you Arizona!) so we had plenty of time to open gifts, decorate, make a few returns, and just be together.

Stu with my little sister in our new apartment the day after we got home.

We started school the Tuesday after MLK Jr. Day and it was nice for us to get back into real life. I only have ten credits though, only Tuesday and Thursday, and the job searches have been futile so I have PLENTY of time on my hands. (If anyone knows of an open job ANYWHERE please let me know! I was looking to assist at a dental office, but I haven't found anyone hiring, so I'm open for anything)

So basically, life is great. It's nice and settled down, NOT BORING, just normal. It's nice. Tonight we get to have yummy dinner and some of the delicious cake from our wedding with sparkling martinelli's (we decided not to wait a year to eat the cake, everyone said it just gets nasty) and just celebrate it together.


nate and amy crandell said...

yay I'm glad you posted! Sounds like your honeymoon was AWESOME!!! you guys are so cute! I remember opening all the presents I thought that was the best part!

WHITNEY said...

yay marriage :) I'm so happy for you two!

Ashley Kay said...

awww ang- i'm so happy for you :)
i can't wait to see you in april! or maybe even sooner if you come for a visit? LOVE YOU!

rvan said...

Angela, Congratulations on your marriage. I'm so glad your so happy. It really is fun to be married, despite all the ups and downs. I would do it again in a heartbeat.I'm sorry I missed your bridal shower, I believe I was on my way to Utah for Thanksgiving, if I remember right. I heard it went well. I'm glad you found my blog keep in touch!

Shane and Kelci said...

Angela!! I had no idea you were living in AZ!! Why have we not gotten together yet?! To tell you the truth...shane and I are looking for partners to have a settlers smashdown if you're interested in that game?

Steven and Wendy OBryant said...

hahaha! I love that Stuart is reading The Act of Marriage! And the only reason I find that funny is because you know we own a copy too. All thanks to Brother Barlow!