The Office Returns!!!

Oh what a wonderful night. Tonight was the season premier of The Office! Stu has TiVO at his house so we had a little party with some good friends and delicious peanut butter brownies :) It was a pretty good episode..

Favorite Quotes from Tonight:
"Every little boy fantasizes about his fairy tale wedding."
"When Michael told us Jan was pregnant, he led us to believe that he was the father.. By telling us that he was the father."
"Wait back up. You think I'm retarded?"
"I do not say hi. Pam I do not say hi!"
"I just, I can't wait.." :)

Stu and I went back up and watched it again, just to soak in some extra. ALSO, OH MY GOODNESS! Oregon State beat USC tonight 27-21!!! Holy upset.. It was a seriously intense game. I even called up my relatives who are die-hard Beaver fans to make sure they were watching. My sweet aunt Maria said she even made my uncle pause it because he was getting a little frustrated.. But not to worry, the Beavs hung in till the end. I love college sports! I'm so so hyped up about this season and especially BYU's football team. Hall, Unga, Pitta, Collie.. BCS here we come! Oh I love it. Luckily I'm dating a football beefcake who loves it just as much as I do :) Too bad we don't have a game this week.. But Stu's parents are coming up in three weeks for the homecoming game! BYU plays NM, It should be a great visit.

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