Life so Far.

This is just a quick summary of what went down this summer.
I have the best life! P.S. most of these pictures are out of order..

I love my sisters!!!

Just a cruise along the beach in ARUBA..

Laura's Married! To Colter!
We went up to Salt Lake for a quick trip to make it to her reception,
such a happy day.

My boyfriend ladies and gents..


Saying bye to the grandparents.. Bittersweet day.
I was so excited to get back to the states, but so sad to leave my family and Korea behind.
I hope to make it back someday!

Trip with the cousins down to Busan. This was at Hyundei Beach with Heera.

Stu came to Korea! His first morning..

Tandem riding at Olympic Park, where they had the Olympics in 1988.

We went to the beach at Incheon. Best trip ever!


I love traditional Korean architecture. I think this is one of the temples?

Korean seafood market. Looks appetizing right?

Family outing on Korean Memorial Day. I love them!

With friends from Church, Janie and Hazel. Coldstone in Korea!

The Seoul Temple. Just beautiful.

I went to Korea this summer to visit my family and teach English.
It was seriously one of the best/hardest experiences I've ever had.
This is my absolutely adorable cousin Hi-Young on my first day in the country.

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