two-time champs

I didn't want to forget to make a big deal about my super stud of a husband and his all-star football team...

These guys are AWESOME. It's all in the breeding, I think... (Go Toros!)
team huddle, Stu's the one in the red pants

I was so excited to get to see a few of their games and support Stu from the sidelines. They made it to play-offs and totally ROCKED HOUSE! They had two games back-to-back and both were total nail biters! The first, because it actually was a super close game; and the second, because I was a little afraid for Stu's life... Seriously, some of those guys were HUGE. Anyway, I was so proud of Stu and was so glad the season ended on such a high note!

The team actually won league last season too! (hence the 2)
Way to go CHAMPS!!!

Nothin' like the Milne to Milne combo :)

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Bev said...

He is a CHAMP....in more ways than one!!