D&B, Hannah Montana, Memorial Day, Girls Camp, Anniversary, School...

Oh my gosh. Life has become so hectic! I started summer school on Monday and I feel like there is no time for anything. I had to dedicate some time to blogging because I can't bear to let the page go update-less any longer! (yes, I know it was only a week-long hiatus, but it felt like forever..)

Last weekend We met up with my cousin Carmen and her boyfriend Cory! I don't get to see her very often, even though she is one of my very best friends! We decided to do dinner and games at dave and busters, SO fun! Here are some pics from the night:

Carmen and Cory. So presh :)

I just loved watching them play the helicopter game. hahaaa.

So intense.

WORST game ever.

We had so much fun! Thanks guys! Anyone want to do a big group date to dave and busters?? it would be soo fun!

The next day we went to a party for my sister RACHEL who turned FIVE this year! She is kind of obsessed with Hannah Montana, so that was the theme of the party. (her name is Rachel Savanna Willcox, and lately she's been telling people that she is "savannah Montana" haha) I love Rachel sooo much. She is the cutest girl, with just the right amount of sass. She loves to sing, dance and watch HSM. (like a mini-version of me!) Happy birthday sweet girl!

My sister and her friend Natalie dressed up like Hannah look-a-likes for the party! Cute right?

Princess castle bounce house! And Tie-dye! And a Hannah Montanna cake! and fruitsnacks! It really was the party of the century. Sorry if you missed out.

Memorial Day! Stu's parents got a room at Gainey Ranch so we met up with them for some pool fun! Tanner and Avery were there too with Benson and Bela, it was such a good day!

Little cabana beds out by the pool..
one of these suckers+a good book=heaven

Yep he did that all by himself.

Me and Stuey

The girls :)

Then the next day, it was off to GIRLS CAMP for me..

Our "theme" was the HOLY COWGIRLS which was super fun and gave us a great decorating idea.. Here are some of the girls with the super cute hats we made at mutual to wear up at camp! Love it!

Kimball East Stake Girls Camp 2009!
Fairfield Ward Cowgirls
This is right before we started the drive up to the wilderness.
I think we look preeeetty good for 6:30 in the AM...

The Stake theme for camp,
"VIRTUE, no matter what!"

Our priesthood. Hellooo Brother Barr.. (I definitely tripped on his scriptures this last Sunday because all the YW had to go up to the podium and sing our camp song. No worries though, I only landed on his lap and made a total FOOL of myself in front of the whole congregation.)

We brought a posterboard for the girls to write silly quotes on.
It was a HIT.

I just have to showcase ALLISON LINFORD for a little bit. She just became a Laurel and she is amazing. Simply hilarious and one of the kindest girls EVER. She asked if she could borrow my family's cow costume for the ward skit. SO FUNNY. {video}

We had a blast. I was a little apprehensive because I had never done camp in tents and port-a-potties before... (plus this would be the longest I'd been without Stu since we got married AND I wouldn't have cell service) But I have to say, it was one of the best young women experiences I've had. The devotionals, solo scriptures in the FOREST, testimony meeting with Bishop... I am so grateful for the chance I have to be one of their leaders, although I'm sure the girls help me more than I do them.

PS for all you ladies out there, did you know that all the women in the church are encouraged to complete the new Virtue values??? Get on it! I promise it will change your life for the better.

We got home on Friday and Stu made me promise not to leave him again and even took me to RA! mmmmmm. (yeah, no pictures were taken on account of the horrible sunburn I got the the day before)
THAT my friends is the Las Vegas roll of deliciousness. Did I mention that RA has happy hour from 3-7pm?? Half-off sushi?? Yeah. Amazing.

Anyway that Sunday, we realized that we have been married for over FIVE months and we forgot our "anniversary" again! (we forgot to celebrate 4 months too..) Stu rectified the situation by buying me some beautiful orange lilies :)

Here are 5 things I love about my Stuey:

#1: He remembers things. Like my favorite foods, silly things we talk about, what makes me happy, etc.
#2: He such a good snuggler. And he doesn't get mad at me when I wake him up in the middle of the night just so I can make him snuggle with me.
#3: He is so kind-hearted. He would never try to hurt anyone ever. He would probably go out of his way a million times to make someone else feel better.
#4: He lets me have the last bite of brownie. (almost all the time)
#5: He left me a few messages everyday while I was at camp to tell me how much he loved and missed me, even though I couldn't get them or respond. He never lets me wonder how he feels about me, I always feel like the most loved person in the world.

I love you Stu!! Super mucho :)

Oh p.s. if you don't see me for the next couple weeks, THIS is why:
My heinous 5+ hour-a-day anatomy class.